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By Cliff Harris

In the past several years, particularly since 2006, honeybees have vanished on a global scale. These honeybees are responsible for pollinating at least $15 billion worth of U.S. crops each year. Some scientists have blamed global cooling and various resulting deadly viruses. Others say that the farmer’s usage of at least 121 different pesticides are the root cause of the collapse of the honeybee colonies.

Sandy Kelso, a Press subscriber from Coeur d’Alene, in early March gave me an article that blamed "the recent sudden shifts in the Earth’s magnetic fields for the honeybees sudden disappearance."

A beekeeper friend of Sandy’s once told him to "remember the THREE-FOOT, THREE-MILE RULE" when it comes to bees." They LIVE BY it, or DIE by it."

Bees do not see very well and heavily rely on the magnetic field lines for guidance back and forth from the hive. If one moves the hive just three or four feet while the bees are away, the bees will return to the spot where their ‘magnetic memories’ takes them and miss the hive. They will often fly around aimlessly and become hopelessly lost, much like birds that lose their magnetic bearings and fly headlong into the ground or buildings. We mentioned these increasing bird deaths in a recent ‘Gems,’ column. Aircraft headings and runway signs are constantly being adjusted for the ever-increasing magnetic shifts of more than 40 miles per year.

Also, bees will always fly to the nearly supply of flowers, less than a mile away, according to Sandy. So, if one moves the hive by more than three miles while the bees are away, they will return to the wrong place, the original hive location, the become lost, again bearing out "the three-foot, three-mile rule."

If our magnetic field keep shifting towards Russia at more than 40 miles per year, more than 3 miles per month, this likewise means that "the three-foot, three-mile rule" has again been violated by uncontrollable natural forces that could eventually doom Mankind to extinction. Maybe Albert Einstein was right when he said decades ago;

"If we were to suddenly lose the world’s supply of bees, Mankind would disappear from the face of the Earth in as little as four to five years."

Science tells us that these expanding magnetic field shifts in the position of the Magnetic North Pole will continue to have "an increasing negative impact on both aircraft navigation and the migrating patterns of wildlife, including the birds and the bees."

Stay tuned for additional updates on this subject. It may be the case of "TO BEE OR NOT TO BEE." That’s indeed a SCARY QUESTION!