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By Climatologist Cliff Harris

Article published on May 7, 2009

I received a literally astounding report from Yakutat, Alaska’s city manager, Skip Ryman, concerning the rapid advancement of the Hubbard Glacier towards Gilbert Point near Yakutat at the astonishing rate of 2 meters (7 feet) per day!

Skip gave me the Army Corp of Engineers special website for the Hubbard Glacier, (www.glacierresearch.com). Recently, we pulled up some absolutely amazing photos of the advancing glacier in color. One can easily see the expanding wall of ice. It’s HUGE!

Since the Corp of Engineers ordinarily protects and maintains possession of the scientific information they generate, it’s certainly unusual for them to ‘open up’ like this. But, as Randy Mann and I have often said, these are days of Wide Weather ‘EXTREMES’?

But, even the dedicated global warmists need to know the truth about the recent extended period of global cooling caused by our ‘SILENT SUN.’ So, if our readers try to access the site and fail, keep trying. It’s perfectly legal and the Corp has set it up for public access.

As Skip says in his e-mail, “ignore the admonishment and continue to the site. The Corp can’t ‘turn off’ the warning as it is part of their system. There will be no ‘men in black’ in black helicopters to spirit you away for just looking at this incredible site. I was literally ‘blown away!’” The Corp is involved because ‘when’ and ‘if’ the Hubbard Glacier eventually closes the Russell Fjord, the fjord will fill with fresh water becoming a thirty-mile-long lake creating a new 40,000-cubic-feet-per-second river system. This will have an extremely ‘negative’ economic impact on Yakutat and the surrounding regions.

It’s possible that at the shocking rate of seven feet per day in its advancement, the Hubbard Glacier could close the fjord by later this year if the current rate of advancement speeds up, say to perhaps 10 or 12 feet per day. By carefully monitoring the Army Corp of Engineers website, we residents of North Idaho can be alerted to these type of events in ‘real time’ data presentations, not mere heresay.

It looks like an interesting summer ahead, weatherwise and otherwise. I’ll have more glacial updates as they occur. Remember, we have THE RIGHT TO KNOW!